Sunday, September 18, 2011

12 weeks old and on a roll

First Gator Game at the San Diego Gator Club
Sierra and Braylen
Pretty Girl
Getting good at this Bumbo thing

I love the camera and the camera loves me
First time at the beach-Pacific Beach, San Diego
Tummy time!
Sucking her fingers, it's either this or the thumb

A day before turning 12 weeks old, our sweet baby girl rolled herself right over from her back to her tummy and was not happy about it.  She continues to rely on sucking for comfort and has been seemingly going through a growth spurt with nonstop eating and a return of a bad tummy.  She has started sucking either on her middle two fingers or her thumb, but either way finds it easier to roll onto her side and bringing her head to her hand instead of bringing her hand to her head.  She started sucking so intensely that she got closer and closer to her stomach until, all of the sudden, she was on her belly and shocked.  She did this over and over again yesterday, but wouldn't do it again today.

I swear she is growing and chunking up before our eyes.  The last 5 days or so she has been an eating machine, even waking more at night to eat.  Part of the night waking was due to getting her first cold.  The day after we got back from our trip to San Diego, both Peyton and Sierra came down with stuffy noses.  It's only now, a week and a half later, that they both seem to be almost better.  We don't have a well baby appointment until 4 months old so we don't have a new weight and length, but I really think she's gaining weight as I look at her now.

Sierra took her first airplane ride this month.  We went to San Diego to visit Linnea and her new family.  She was really good on the plane, sleeping the whole way to San Diego and only crying briefly on the way back.  She was such a good baby the whole time we were there.  She rarely cried and slept really well and seemed to have little issue with her stomach.  The same can't be said for now.  I haven't eaten any dairy but for the last several days she's been acting like I have.

She's become such a smily, giggly little baby.  She watches her brother intently and often finds him funny.  We are in the process of trying to establish a bedtime congruent with her brother since I go back to work next week on Sundays and Mondays and she's going to have to go to childcare with Miss Lisa on Mondays.  We went and met with her last week and Sierra was initially fussy, but soon became comfortable in her arms and went to sleep.  That should make me feel better, but I have an anxiety attack and start to cry every time I think about leaving my little girl with someone else for a whole day, even if it is only one day a week.  I didn't relinquish Peyton to her until he was 13 months old and she'll only be 3.  In the long run, it'll probably be easier for her to transition this young, but it's harder for me.