Thursday, March 8, 2012

8 months old and almost mobile

So Sierra turned 8 months on Feb 26th.  My computer had crashed so I haven't had a chance to blog.  She's just amazing and that's really all I can say.  She's the happiest, smiliest baby we could ask for.  She thinks everything is hilarious, especially her brother.  She's eating solid foods at a much faster pace these days, is still allergic to dairy, and is still a chunky monkey.  We are on the verge of having a really mobile baby, right now she's just somewhat mobile.  She has mastered this butt roll, stretch out onto belly move that really gets her around the room and can crawl a foot or so before she gives up and resumes the roll.  She's also trying to pull up to stand on things, but doesn't realize she has to continue to hold on, which has led to lots of bumped foreheads and tears.

Sierra got to go to her first Mardi Gras this year and got to meet all her aunts and uncles, cousins and Paw Paw.  She was an angel during the travels and was unbelievably good during our trip there when we missed our plane and turned it into a 16 hour travel day.  The change in weather was good for her since she had had a cold for almost a month prior to going.  The humidity helped with her stuffiness that had been leading to a lot of sleepless, restless nights.  The doctor had put her on antibiotics for a sinus infection, but they only seemed to make things worse and give her diarrhea so we took her off.  She's still stuffy, but is better than she was, so hopefully with winter winding down she'll clear up with an increase in humidity.

We are really enjoying her vocalizations this month too.  She's not saying words yet, but is trying harder and harder to imitate.  She's also a good at mimicking a wave, but hasn't initiated one herself and hasn't started clapping yet.  We're working on it though.  She dances when there is music on, bouncing up and down on her bottom.  So cute! It's hard to believe she'll be crawling, talking and walking in the upcoming months.  I can't wait, but hate to see the baby go.  I'll add pics at a later date since I can't put any on my computer right now until I get it repaired.

Addendum: She started crawling on March 6, 2012.  We took her to the doctor on March 8 for her cold getting worse again and she weighed in at 17 lbs 5 oz.