Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our Baby's a Year Old!

I have done the cardinal sin of mothering, I have not done the same thing for my second child as I have for my first.  I have not printed a single picture to put together her photo album, I have not even finished  putting pictures in and filling out her pregnancy book, and I skipped her 11 month blog.  Well, she's a year old and I've got a lot of work to do.  But enough about my shortcomings, I apologize to Miss Sierra, Mommy loves you more than life itself, but I'm tired and overextended.  I hope someday you'll understand.

So the last 2 months have shown so much change.  She's the master cruiser now and can crawl at the speed of light.  That being said, she is not even interested in walking.  Peyton couldn't wait to walk, she knows she can get where she wants to go crawling or cruising so why walk?  Plus, she's so chunky and her feet are so small that I can't imagine she'll be able to balance very well.  She stands not holding on sometimes and will walk a couple of feet with the push toys but no walking.

She's also such a talker, but not words.  She imitates inflection, posturing, faces, and says a few words. She says hi and Mama quite consistently and she waves like crazy.  She LOVES to dance.  Turn on music and that girl can't hold still.  It's so adorable.  Poor darling is getting all her top teeth at the same time and is miserable, but still happy during the day.

At her one year well baby check she was 29 1/4 inches long and 20 lbs 13 oz.  She's moved into the 54th percentile in both height and weight.  She's making my arms nice and shapely carrying her around.

She's sleeping well and sleeps though the night most of the time (except now because of the teeth).  We love watching her explore.  She plays so well alone, investigating everything, and plays well with her brother, who sometimes is a little overzealous.  Speaking of which, on her 1st birthday, her grandma, me and Peyton and Sierra were shopping at the Outlets at Castle Rock when Peyton tried to yank a hanger out of her mouth in the Columbia Outlet.  We had to call 911 because she was acting like she couldn't breathe and the hanger had seemed like it had really hurt her.  The paramedics came and checked her out and she was fine, but she had no interest in her cake or any food that whole day, so we saved cake for the next day.  She was able to open her presents on her birthday, though.

Sierra is the most amazing little girl.  We love her so much and are so entertained by her bubbly personality.  She's still has some stranger danger, but she's opened up to anyone that we trust.  She loves her brother and she's just a total sweetie.  Happy birthday, Sierra, we love you SO much!