Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Neglectful mama

So Miss Sierra is 16 months old and I have been neglecting her blog.  We've dealt with ear infections and teething during the past 4 months.  Finally, right at her 16 month mark, she turned the corner and decided to walk.  I thought that she would never walk.  She's been able to walk short distances for quite some time, but would not use it as her primary means of locomotion, but as of the last several days, she is.  Talking is another area she has decided is not that important. It's blatantly obvious she understands a lot.  You tell her something and she either does it or she bursts into tears in opposition.  She loves the word look.  "Look", "Look" she points at things that catch her interest.  She says mama and night night and can say bye if she's in the mood.  Mostly she nods. If you ask her a question and she agrees, she'll readily nod yes.  She's all about the temper tantrum, arching her back, throwing herself over backwards.  She and Peyton are so cute together.  I hope it continues, they are constantly kissing each other.  That's her other new thing, she puckers up and gives kisses.  SO CUTE!  They play cars together, color and play with play dough.  Peyton is a great big brother, teaching her how to do all kinds of things.  For the longest time she would only walk holding his hands.

She's turned into quite the strong personality, but continues to be a lovey little girl and is so funny.  She love to dance.  She's studious, loves puzzles, loves art, loves playing with cars, loves building things, and is cautiously outgoing.  Love that little girl!