Thursday, October 6, 2011

14 weeks-what a change

I just had to blog about the changes I've seen in Sierra in the last week or so.  Suddenly she is Miss Personality.  She giggles when I tickle or kiss her neck, she watches every move her brother makes.  Every time I come into view I get a big smile.  She loves batting at her new play gym and sitting in the Bumbo, but still doesn't like to hold onto toys and play with them.  She's SO close to being able to roll back from her tummy to her back.

The biggest reason I'm blogging is she is definitely going through a growth spurt.  My God, the child is eating nonstop!  She seems to have doubled in size in the last several days and I've cleaned her closet out of size 0-3 month clothes and have pulled out all the 6 month clothing.  She's getting so big so fast.  Speaking of "so big" she giggles with that and if I play pad-a-cake with her.  She's having a relapse with her reflux with this growth spurt, probably due to overeating, spitting up and being overall fussy if laid on her back after eating.  She's also on a nap strike.  Today I couldn't get her to nap more than 10 minutes at a time to save my life.  The last two nights are the first time since giving up dairy that I had to try to get her to sleep at night.  Most nights she's such a good baby she goes right to sleep when Peyton does and sleeps through the night.  She's also waking up at night making for a very tired Mama.

Love my big baby girl.  Sweeter by the day.

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