Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our 7 month cutie

Sierra is 7 months old today.  I swear I just wrote her 6 month blog.  She's our chunky little giggle box.  She's still such a happy girl, but has had some issues lately.  She's still allergic to dairy, which we found out when I accidentally ate cheese in a sandwich, she cut her first bottom tooth at 6 1/2 months and is on the verge of a second on the bottom which is causing many sleepless, restless nights.  She seems to be always going through a growth spurt, nursing nonstop, but totally uninterested in eating more than a couple of tablespoons of solid foods.  We had to go back to the drawing board where that was concerned because of a really really bad diaper rash, so we're back to only eating rice cereal and applesauce.  She's not really into the avocado and we think it might've been the sweet potato that caused the reaction.  We took her to the ophthalmologist because of her droopy right eyelid, but he said there is nothing wrong and probably as her face grows the skin will stretch and it will be hardly noticeable.

She's sitting quite well these days and has become pretty adept at getting from her butt to her tummy, but hasn't mastered getting back yet.  She's also getting closer to getting on all fours.  All this practice has made for many face plants.  She's pretty good at getting around by rolling and squirming and bouncing on her butt but becomes very frustrated and desperately wants to crawl.  She's making all kinds of vocalizations now, mamamamama, squealing, grunting, blowing raspberries.  She waves to imitate you but hasn't done it spontaneously yet.  She's playing with the shape sorter and the stacking rings now.  Mostly she just chews on them, but she loves to hold a shape or ring in each hand and bang them together.  She also loves to hit the peg board with the hammer.  Trying to get Peyton to let go of these toys and let her play with them has been pretty difficult.  He has no interest until she's playing with them and then he steals them.  For the most part she takes it pretty well, but every once and a while she screams bloody murder.

Speaking of screaming bloody murder, she's gotten better at that.  She used to be so even keeled, now she screams when she can't do what she wants to do or get what she wants.  Boy does she have some lungs on her.

Sleeping has not been going well.  Everything affects her sleep and, in turn, mine.  Teething has been awful and on top of that she has her second cold right now.  Hoping this one doesn't turn into an ear infection too, but if sleeping doesn't improve by next week, another doctor's visit may be in order.

7 months flew by.  Before we know it we'll be celebrating a birthday.  Love that sweet baby.  

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