Friday, February 11, 2011


As we did with Peyton, we will have a blog going for our new edition, Sierra Judy Johnson.  That's right, we're having a girl.  If you would like to follow the blog, please join so you can get emails when the big moment arrives.  It sounds like Cathy, Connie's sister, has agreed to be our on the scene reporter (or via phone if she's unable to be here) and blog when labor begins until the big event.  It worked out great last time, even though it wasn't the original plan, since the midwifery's wifi was down.  We will be birthing again at Mountain Midwifery.  We are so excited to be working with them again.  They are a wonderful group of midwives and nurses that really empower you during the whole pregnancy and labor experience.  We can't wait to meet Sierra, although Peyton seems completely unenthused about the prospect of a sibling.  We're working on him, though, so hopefully by the due date, June 23, 2011, he will be asking when his baby sister will be coming home.

Connie, Zack, and Peyton too.

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