Thursday, April 28, 2011

32 weeks-getting close, but oh so far

I went in for my 32 week midwife appointment yesterday.  All the blood work from last month is "great."  One thing about being pregnant is I find out a lot more about my overall health picture than I'd know otherwise.  No gestational diabetes, blood counts are perfect, iron levels are through the roof.  It's good to know that I'm in such great health considering I've felt not so great.  Sierra has turned head down with her butt and back off to my right side.  I could've guessed that because I suddenly stick out a lot farther and there's really nothing on my left side except the occasional foot.  Her heartbeat was really loud and strong this month on the doppler.  I saw the midwife yesterday that I saw for my final appointment before Peyton was born last time around, so we got to reminisce.  The biggest thrill of the appointment was making my appointments for nearly the rest of my pregnancy.  I go in at 34 weeks, then the following week I have a 35 week "midwife chat" with other mamas due the same time as me to make sure we're prepared, then I have a 37 and 38 week appointment set up (the 38 week being the day before my 32nd birthday).  That makes it feel so close.  And yet, when I think about 8 more weeks until my official "due date," especially continuing to work, it feels so far.  I'm really hoping she comes as a birthday present to me, but since Peyton was late, it's not likely.

As far as how the pregnancy is going, I'm having more and stronger Braxton Hicks contractions, warming up for the big event.  My low back has been a problem, but Zack and I have discovered a method of applying pressure to it every night before bed that seems to put things back in place and decrease the pain, tightness and sciatica.  Sierra gets the hiccups quite a bit and since she's turned I feel them really strongly.  She's getting more cramped in there so the kicks are more stretches now that have my whole stomach at times moving from side to side.  We're debating whether or not to go to a refresher birth class (is it worth the hassle of trying to find a sitter for Peyton).  We're both ridiculously busy in May, in preparation for things to get crazy in June, so I don't know if we'll do it or not.  She moves around constantly, but is crazy active at night, making sleep difficult.  I'm sleeping better, but finding less and less ways I can lay comfortably all night long (and of course I'm getting up several times to pee).

We are really excited and anxious to meet little miss Sierra.  Hope it isn't too chaotic in the days following her arrival.

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