Friday, May 13, 2011

34 weeks-getting close

Only 6 more weeks to go.  The excitement is building as well as the emotions.  Trying to coordinate Zack and I leaving work and my mom and sister coming to Colorado when we really have no idea when Miss Sierra is going to make an appearance is a little bit difficult, if not stressful.  Will she be like Peyton and be late, or be like I feel she is going to be and be early?  Or will she decide June 23rd is a great day to be born?

Midwife appointments are now every 2 weeks, but I'll actually be there every week from here on out because I have a class to attend next Wednesday even though it's not an official appointment.  Her heartbeat today was loud and strong, her head right where it should be in my pelvis.  The little wiggle worm is super active, but continues to be active upside down, the way she should be.  As for me, my blood pressure is still fabulously normal and I'm right on target with my weight gain.  I'm also measuring right on track (I was always small with Peyton and had been small with Sierra up to this point).  The pain in my low back has mostly subsided, but I am extremely uncomfortable most of the time because of her activity and the weird positions she gets into.  My abs are actually sore most days to the touch because she pushes so hard.

I started really nesting today.  I rearranged Peyton's room, moving the rocking chair into ours and organizing the clothes (for the second time).  I also started a bag to take with us to the midwifery with baby clothes and blankets, a birthing playlist for my Ipod, and have washed the cover for the car seat so that it's ready to go into the car.  Now all we need is the baby...

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