Thursday, June 2, 2011

37 weeks and full term!

It's finally here, full term.  This has been an incredibly long 9 months, but this 10th month is flying by.  All of the sudden there is a sense of urgency now that Sierra's presence could be made at any time.  There are still quite a few things on my to do list, but most of them don't necessarily have to be done before she's born, it would just be nice to have done.  I'm going to try and tackle the "have to do's" today.  I only work for one more week from this Sunday with decreased hours and then I will have about a week and a half (if she's born on her due date, which I'm not banking on) to try and relax.  Grandma will be here on the 15th to help out, so I have been asking Miss Sierra daily to just try and hold out until then, and then she's allowed to come whenever she wants...earlier rather than later would be great.

She repositioned herself yesterday, moving her bottom more towards my left side instead of the right like she has been, which caused me all kinds of stomach issues (I'm assuming from all the squirming pushing on my GI tract) and pain yesterday.  I spent the entire evening on self imposed bed rest because the only position I was comfortable in, and I use that term loosely, was in sidelying.  Thank goodness for Toy Story and a well behaved Peyton.  Today feels uncomfortable to bend over, but not painful.  I've been able to be quite productive this morning without any problem.  I've been talking to her a lot lately and hope she knows we are very ready to meet her and already love her very much.

So here's another invite for those of you joining me from the Facebook link to join the blog.  We will be blogging when baby Sierra makes her appearance if all goes as planned.  Just go to the main blog page and hit follow.  That way you'll get email updates when we blog.  I did finally get the blog to sync with my FB, which is why my 34 week post was reposted a couple of days ago, confusing those of you who thought I was further along (I am).  It has quite a bit of delay from writing to publication on FB, so if you want the most current info, join the blog.

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