Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2 weeks old-Growth Spurt Time

Ravenous!  That's the best way to describe Sierra's current state of being.  I believe this is the first major growth spurt an infant has and all she wants to do is eat, eat, eat.  If she's awake, she pretty much wants to be eating and gets very upset if Mommy is not right there to feed her.  We went to her two week old well baby visit today and she weighs 7 lbs, 7 oz.  I forgot to ask how long she is.  She continues to be a very noisy baby (not crying, just weird noises all the time) as well as a very gassy and spity baby.  We're going to try and avoid meds for reflux, but if it doesn't get better in the next week with homeopathic colic meds, we'll go for the Zantac and hope this resolves quickly as her stomach sphincters get stronger.  It's terrible to see a baby so miserable, know what's wrong, and not be able to fix it.  Otherwise, she's a healthy, bouncing baby girl.

We attempted to have a family photo shoot with Amanda Court Photography yesterday, but neither of the kiddos were cooperating after spending the weekend in Steamboat and the morning on the 3 hour car ride back.  If Amanda got any good pics, it's definitely a testament to her talent.  Sierra was wide awake and only wanted to eat and pee (she doused me twice and Zack once).  Today she has not wanted to nap, but has finally gone to sleep for now, since her noisy brother has gone down for a nap too.  She's getting to that "not wanting to miss anything" stage and a nap would interfere.  She's cuter everyday!

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