Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One week (9 days) well baby visit

This morning we went to Sierra's last appointment with the midwives.  Next week she starts at our doctor's office.  Everything went fabulously.  She is up to 7 lbs 2 1/2 oz already.  I thought that was a lot until I looked back at my blog for Peyton at 8 days he was 7 lbs 3 oz, but he started smaller and had lost more of his birth weight.  I can't imagine that he was more of an eater than her.  She eats constantly.  She's a pretty good sleeper too, already sleeping at 3 hour stretches at night.  We'll see how things progress from here to 2  1/2 weeks, the next time I blogged for Peyton.  He had chunked up over 8 lbs, grown an inch and was becoming a nightmare to deal with because of reflux.  He was up at night all the time, inconsolably crying and that's when I became very sleep deprived.   It sounds like I was also "nesting" much like I am now, wanting to clean everything in the house from top to bottom, so I wasn't resting like I should have been.

Her skin and eyes seem to be clearing up some.  The hemorrhage in her left eye is definitely breaking up and the one in her right is nearly gone.  The "toxic erythema" (not bad like it sounds and apparently perfectly normal in 50% of newborns) that has caused her to have red blotches all over, making her look like she has a case of the chicken pox, is finally starting to lessen.  Supposedly it usually clears up completely by about 2 weeks.  Her hair looks to be already thinning a bit, so maybe it'll fall out and come back in blond like Peyton's did.  Our biggest problem, though, is that she's very gassy, causing her to spit up, and at times strain for hours (unfortunately mostly in the middle of the night) to go to the bathroom.  She yelps when she's straining and it's very hard to console her because nothing seems to help.  I'm hoping it's not something I'm eating coming out in my breast milk.  I think she's just swallowing a lot of air because it's getting a little better as her latch gets better.

That's pretty much it.  I've been home with the two little ones by myself the last 2 days and even took Peyton with us to the appointment today and he was super well behaved-he sat on the floor and played with trucks the whole time, you wouldn't even know he was there.  They've been really easy so far and again, looking back at Peyton's blog, it's so much easier with experience.  At both appointments we've been to everyone in the midwife office has said I look like a mom coming in at 6 weeks postpartum, not 2 days and 1 week.  That makes me feel good that I at least appear to be well put together (it helps I'm already 1/2 way to my prepregnancy weight, gotta love breastfeeding!).  We love our little girl more and more each day.  Zack has said that it already feels different to have a daughter over a son.  I think he's going to love it when she's a little older.  I think I am too. We're so lucky to get to experience the love for a son and a daughter.

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