Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our baby is one month old!

Today is our sweet baby girl's one month birthday!  We had a doctor's appointment today where they said she seems to be doing great developmentally (she's lifting her head like a champ during tummy time) and health wise, but is just not a happy baby due to tummy troubles.  We've got her on Zantac for reflux, which helps with her not eating so frantically and wanting to breast feed every 15 minutes, but still hasn't solved the problem completely.  But I have to say, today, on her one month birthday, she did finally smile quite a bit and had a much less fussy day.  She's also starting to coo, now that she has more wakeful hours where she doesn't seem to be in pain.  Here's to hoping by two months old this too shall pass.  Right now she lives in the Baby Bjorn, which is the only place she seems content...oh, and the bouncy chair that is where she's started sleeping at night.  She still makes tons of noise and wakes herself up frequently, but the vibration lulls her quickly back to sleep.

So are you ready for this?  Sierra weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs 3 oz and 22 inches long today!  I knew she was a good eater and chunking up, but that's amazing.  That's not quite as heavy as her brother was, but it was a huge jump over a couple of weeks ago.  It really is crazy to look back at Peyton and see how much they are alike.  Now that the spitting up is decreasing, I expect her to continue to chunk up.  She also is taking a bottle now of my pumped milk.  Her brother got to feed her today (he was SO excited) for the first time and it also gave Zack and I a chance to go out for a nice long dinner for our anniversary without feeling like we needed to rush home to feed her.  She has shown no problems switching back and forth, but I should feed her soon too just to make sure she'll take both the bottle and breast from me.  I've heard horror stories about babies who won't take a bottle from mom.  With the bottle being an option, we've started her on a probiotic, just to try and help with the gas pains.  I'm also trying to cut dairy out of my diet and see if that helps.  It's easier said than done.  I had no idea how many things I ate that have cheese in them.  So far today is the only day I didn't slip up.  Other things that are new are baby acne and a little cradle cap.  Our children go through the gamut of skin issues as babies.  Oh well, at least they are healthy and beautiful and we love them to death.

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