Monday, July 4, 2011

One week old-time flies

I can't believe our little Sierra was one week old yesterday.  At her 48 hour post birth appointment she had only lost 3 oz. because she was already such a ravenous little eater.  Everything seems to be going well.  All her vitals and reflexes were good.  She is a spitter upper though due to extreme gassiness.   Every time she eats it's not a matter of will she spit up, but what volume and out of where (nose or mouth are acceptable answers).  It's been more a nuisance than anything except the one day it didn't come out and just went up her nose and she couldn't breathe.  She wailed (she's not much of a crier so far so not being able to console her was hard to handle) until we were finally able to suction all the milk out of her poor little nose.

She had hemorrhages in her eyes from birth trauma that are starting to clear up and she's plumping up nicely so she becomes cuter by the day.  She sleeps a lot more than her brother did (which I'm enjoying because I don't really feel sleep deprived) and she's wide eyed when she's awake.  Just like her brother she lifts her head already and wants to know what's going on in the world around her.  She smiles when you talk to her and look her in the eyes.  She still has some skin issues that will hopefully clear up soon.  The mild jaundice that she had started to develop quickly cleared once my milk came in and she got some sun.  Speaking of sun, she loves being outside.  She gets really bad, seemingly painful, hiccups that make her fuss and she calms right down outside.  I've been nursing her a lot outside to get her used to it so we don't have the repeat of our first camping trip with Peyton when he wouldn't nurse because he was so distracted by all the things in the great outdoors.  We hope to go camping by August.  If all goes well at her 1 week appointment on Wednesday we'll be taking a 3 hour car ride to Steamboat Springs for the hot air balloon rodeo next weekend too.

Peyton adores his little sister, holding and kissing her every chance he gets.  So far there really hasn't been any jealousy.  He's a big helper with diaper changes and fetching things I need while breastfeeding.  He's got a bag of toys reserved for only times when Mommy is breastfeeding Sierra and he understood the concept really quickly and looks forward to those times when he can play with "my toys!"  So far there hasn't been any regressing as far as potty training or any worse behaviors than he already had being in the throws of the terrible twos.

Tomorrow my mom goes to a workshop for five days, Zack goes back to work and Aunt Cathy goes back to Orlando, so I will have my first taste of taking care of the two of them alone.  I was extremely anxious about it initially, but feel ready to take on whatever they can throw at me come tomorrow.  I may even attempt the midwife appointment on Wednesday by myself with Peyton in tow.  I was considering a sitter, but we'll have to see how tomorrow goes.

I'm in love with my family.  We have two amazing, beautiful children that we love more than anything.  There really is room in your heart for two.  I didn't know how I could love someone as much as I love Peyton, but I do.  Life sure is getting interesting.

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