Friday, June 10, 2011

38 weeks, emotional, and ready

I'm really getting tired of overanalyzing every twinge, cramp, and tightness I feel in my body.  I analyze every GI issue, every low back pain, every swollen extremity.  I have felt for a lot of this pregnancy that Sierra would be born early.  I think she's meant to be a Gemini based on all the discomfort she has caused me during this pregnancy so I think she will come before June 20th.  Last Sunday and Monday I was certain I would have a baby by the end of the next weekend.  I was having Braxton Hicks contractions that were really strong and really frequent.  They were so uncomfortable and my mind was so preoccupied by them that I decided to stop working.  Then, they stopped.  Then I had two days of crazy nesting and lots of energy, as well as several other signs that things may be coming to a close that I won't go into details about.   I definitely feel there has been a hormonal shift which is showing itself to my family through my lack of patience for 2 year old antics and tears at the drop of a hat.  I'm ready for Miss Sierra to make an appearance.  I'm mentally (and hopefully physically) prepared for labor and birth and I think it needs to be soon, or I might just go crazy!  I know, I know, I've still got 2 weeks until my due date and Peyton was born a week late, but she's trying to push her way out through other places like my belly button and my side and, by God, it hurts!  I'm pretty sure she's ready too.

So today I had my 38 week check at the midwife.  I decided I really wanted to be checked for dilation since I feel like labor should be soon.  From what I was telling the midwife, she agreed and even said she would strip my membranes if I wanted.  Because Maw Maw (my mom) wasn't going to be here until next Wednesday I said we'll just check, not do anything drastic yet...if I'm still pregnant this time next week, then absolutely.  When she checked, baby Sierra's head is in station zero, meaning she's fully engaged in the pelvis and probably won't drop any lower until labor, my cervix is soft and dilated about 1-2 cm and is mostly effaced, which she stated doesn't matter as much with your second baby, you can go into labor without being fully effaced.  I was thrilled!  All of the sensations I've been feeling have been things progressing.  She said she thinks that labor will be quick once it starts and to expect it soon.  Woohoo!  Another positive to me, I lost 2 pounds in the last week so I'm still under 30 pounds gained.  I'm still not swollen either, so I look much thinner than I did right before Peyton was born.

So on the way home I called my mom and let her know that Sierra might decide to come before she was planning on coming on Wednesday.  After a little bit of agonizing, she decided to change her flight to tomorrow.  So as long as Sierra waits about 24 hours, Maw Maw will be here to watch Peyton and see Sierra's birth.  Yay!

I'm still trying to not get my hopes up too high that it'll happen this weekend, but I certainly hope so.  The last two days my rush of nesting energy has worn off and I'm exhausted.  I can't stop fantasizing about holding little Sierra in my arms.

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