Saturday, June 18, 2011

39 week addendum

Just a little blurb about my appointment yesterday.  There had been no progress since the following week even though all day yesterday I felt exactly like I did the day Peyton was born, having Braxton Hicks contractions like crazy.  I was so sure that they were going to tell me that active labor was going to start soon.  No such luck.  So instead I had my membranes stripped (or swept if you prefer that term) which has led to a whole lot of nothing.  I had some mild cramping yesterday afterwards, but have had a decrease in contractions today.  We walked all over the place this morning and I hardly had any, which is very unusual since a ton of contractions when I was being physically active was why I quit working.  And I've been lightheaded and nauseated again which seems to be blood sugar and heat related.  All I do is eat, eat, eat.  We've got many predictions of a Father's Day baby.  I can only hope at this point that that is true because now I am imagining that I'm going to go overdue and the thought of being pregnant that much longer is not something I wish to entertain.

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